Top 10 Healthcare Analytics Solution Provider - 2018

The healthcare industry has evolved a lot in the last few years. Today, patients are at the center of their healthcare experience. If experts are to be believed, analytics in healthcare play a significant role in patient engagement and retention. Some of the key highlights of using healthcare analytics are building a pro-active, sustainable healthcare system and usher in accountability and transparency, promoting data-centricity and data literacy; and delivering supply forecasting, dynamic budgeting and reducing overall cost.

However, as the amount of patient data is expected to reach 25,000 petabytes by 2020 according to a report by IDC Health Insights, and continues to grow in volume with higher velocity, healthcare providers need accurate analytics that can organize this data into insights. But before reaching the stage where healthcare providers can easily implement a comprehensive analytics solution, they need to clean, accurate and format existing data so that it can be used in multiple systems. Also to streamline adoption of healthcare analytics and maximize value, healthcare providers should look for an experienced analytics provider, who can deliver quick time-to-value, flexibility, and expertise. The other key challenges in implementing healthcare analytics are lack of storage and security. So it is really important for the healthcare providers to select the right analytics solution provider who understands their requirements.

In the last few months, a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts including Healthcare Tech Outlook’s editorial board has reviewed the top companies in the healthcare analytics space and shortlisted the ones that are at the forefront of tackling industry challenges. The selection panel looked at the vendors’ capabilities to fulfill the needs of buyers with effective solutions that curb the challenges associated with healthcare analytics. In this edition of Healthcare Tech Outlook magazine, we present to you “Top 10 Healthcare Analytics Solution Providers - 2018,” featuring the companies that are creating an impact in the healthcare sector.

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
Apixio Offers a computing platform that extracts and analyzes clinical data in electronic and PDF health records, generating deep insights into patient health
BERG BERG is a data driven biological research company at the forefront of drug discovery
CHAMPS Oncology Transforming high-quality cancer data into actionable information
DarkMatter2bd Leverages modern technologies to help optimize clinical and marketing programs while reducing costs and accelerating results
Flatiron Offers a platform which pairs clinical oncology experts with innovative technology to rapidly generate high quality data directly from the EHR
Health Catalyst Provides a comprehensive and fully integrated suite of healthcare data warehousing, analytics, and process improvement solutions to enhance care delivery
Kairoi Health A healthcare information technology company that is commercializing a breakthrough innovation for analyzing and optimizing scheduling in healthcare organizations
Roam Analytics Uses data and machine learning to empower biopharmaceutical and medical device companies to make informed decisions, provide effective treatments, and achieve the best patient outcomes
Stryker Performance Solutions Performance Solutions partners with physician practices and groups, hospitals, and payors, providing clinical and analytics to help optimize care delivery performance
Viewics Provides a range of solutions that enable healthcare organizations to realize their measurable operational value